Description:  If you have installed our RHA powershell and it launches and you see errors in red it should not allow any of our commands to work as there is an issue.   

If you try the 'connect-xo' command it will not work.

Solution:  This may be occurring due to the execution policy in the Microsoft Powershell.  Our powershell is just a layer on top of the Microsoft powershell so we rely on it to be working and set correctly.  
Try changing your Microsoft powershell execution policy to unrestricted using these steps:

1. Right click Windows PowerShell (x86), not Arcserve RHA Powershell. Select run as administrator.
2. cd 'C:\Program Files (x86)\ARCserve\RHA\Powershell Snapin'
3. Now type:    set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

Type 'y' and hit enter
4. Now close the Microsoft powershell and open the RHA powershell, if it launches with the error in red it should work.